sPVC Plastering Tape Embossed 33m X 50mm

The sPVC backing material ensures the robustness of the tesa® sPVC Plastering Tape Embossed, making it a versatile companion to any construction site. The tape is appropriate as a masking or plastering tape, providing protection for frames or facades

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Key Features

    • Reliable masking tape good for plastering
    • Also works well for bundling and affixing items
    • When tearing off by hand, the embossed backing ensures a straight edge
    • Usable range from +5 to +60 °C, withstanding mild cold and extreme heat
    • Long-term protection from UV radiation – residue-free safety for 6 weeks
    • Also maintains grip on slightly rough surfaces
    • A choice of orange and yellow color of the backing material
    • Tape composition: backing material = sPVC, adhesive = natural rubber

Documents available to download